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Okay, I normally don’t talk about people, but this is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. First off, it’s in all caps, and in ghetto-ese. But the message (roughly translated, and with names removed) is: 

"Do not text my phone, because it messes up when I’m trying to call my boyfriend in prison. In fact it messes up when I’m trying to call anyone. If you want me, send me a facebook message and I’ll get back to you. If you text me, I will block your number…good day, everyone."


Did you follow that? Sheesh… incarcerated boyfriend and serious forgiveness issues…interesting.

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Noteto selfFufu Berry is unavailable PomegranateDry is a suitable substitute. When that is not available Raspberry Lime is a suitable choice

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Childhood is complete.

This post is about 2 or three days too late. But on Saturday night I saw Toy Story 3 with some friends. It’s like they said “screw every four year old, this is for the college students” 

I just CAN’T get it out of my head! It was beautiful…Disney/Pixar scores again. To think I was 4 when I saw the first Toy Story. That’s 15 years, people. I don’t even have memories before that…

Today a good friend left for a program in Israel for a month and a half. Send her well wished, please :D 

And I’m starting to run. Let’s hope I stick to it.

That’s all the things I gots today. Ciao, lovely.

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RT @tjt2013: There a few things in this world that always make a bad day better. Fufu Berry Jones Soda is one of them.

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It took me quite a bit of time to kick my Farmville habit. Please, don’t tempt me. Thanks.